Visual Ads


Our Visual Ads plan gives you another way to get more business chances from our classified [IT5 Free Ads Classified]. According to your business budget, you can


Choose any of the below given plans.


Visual Ads Plan & Dimensions:

T1000:[Ads will be on top portion on the website's Home Page for 30 Days] [960Px / 90px]

M500: [Ads will be on mid portion on Website's first page for 30 Days]    [690Px / 90px]

F500: [Ads will be on bottom portion on website's first page for 30 Days] [960Px / 90px]

S200: [Ads will be on right side on website's first page for 30 Days]     [240Px / 150px]






T1000: INR- 1000 | USD-19

M500: INR-500 | USD-10

F500: INR-500 | USD-9.5

S200: INR-200 | USD-4






Payment Method [India]

Delhi/NCR Customer: Can Make the Payment through both cash or cheque method. In case of cheque, make the cheque with the name of our organization - "Minerva Centre For Hardware Development "


Enterprises. For any further detail / query directory call to our Sales zone - +91-9910999099 or mail us at -


Out of Delhi/NCR Customer: Requested to contact our Sales Zone - +91-9910999099 or mail us at


Payment Method [Other Country]

Non Indian Customers requested to contact our Sales Zone - +91-9910999099 or mail us at




How To Send Ads To Us?

After getting the "Payment  Received" confirmation from our side, Send your visual ads at - "" with complete business details and a destination URL [Your website address] where the user will be redirected after clicking on your ad.